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So excited about our LAUNCH!!!

Posted By: Angela
November 17th 2011


Our Launch is so close we can taste it… NINJA BUGS will be on the market any day and this bug slicing mutli mode game is about to kick some mega level buts!!

Check out our “GAMES” page to see more info or visit to see everything…..

Download NINJA BUGS and look for this icon……






  1. Trevon says:

    Good job making it appaer easy.

    • Rohit says:

      What a great app! Smart, clean and flawlessly iegdsned. Too bad it doesn’t have marketing and sales job postings though, cause we are hiring for our new office in New York, hint hint. Thanks @swissmiss for sharing, we’ve retweeted your tweet.

  2. Levitra says:

    Your site is really unique. Keep going that way.

    • Princess says:

      The app look cool. I only have one but that is your app uses a self library rsuuctrte. I think it need an option to handle a current rsuuctrte of folders without copying/importing, just link images on where it was, and app create folders from categories. So when some one needed have a clean rsuuctrte with the photos on he haves it.

  3. Cialis says:

    Thanks for blogging. I entirely agree with your experience.

    • Blssing says:

      Hi Gabriel,Thanks a lot for your comments, and the index oopitn is a feature we’ll add in the future. And your suggestions toward the structure is passed to our developers. Please feel free to leave your comments. Thanks very much!Mike

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